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Success Story: How Quran Academy doubled their sales with Halal.Ad

I love using It's easy, efficient and effortless. I've been waiting for a service like this. Thanks.
Fatima Omar - Spiritual Biz Moms
Fatima Omar
Spiritual Biz Moms
We have seen positive return on investment from using Halal.Ad on our Quran Academy.
Abdulazeez Abdulraheem - Understand Quran Academy
Abdulazeez Abdulraheem
Understand Quran Academy


Why Halal.Ad?

Halal Ads Only

We check every single ad and make sure it is halal, so you don't have to.

Save Time

No matter if you are buying or selling ads, Halal.Ad will save you days and weeks.

Save Money

You will get a great deal. Ad rates start from $0.10 per click.

Target Wisely

You can target countries and categories / tags (NEW) like an ad ninja.

Full Control

You have full control over how many ads you create and how much you spend.

Launch in 24 hours

Instead of waiting weeks and months, you can launch your ads in 24 hours.


Schedule ads at your will. Timing ad campaigns has never been so easy.


We take security seriously. Halal.Ad is secured by 128-bit SSL encryption. So are you.


Questions? No Problem. We are just a click away. Contact us.

Beautiful Charts

Attention to detail. Even charts look awesome. Scroll down and take a tour.

Made with Love

Allah is Beautiful and loves Beauty. So do we. Simple. Useful. Beautiful.

Mobile Ready

We have optimised our platform for mobiles as well so you can access it anytime anywhere.

Muslim Advertiser

Dear Muslim Advertiser,

You have a product or service for Muslims and you want to reach them online.

But it has not been easy for you so far. You had to contact popular Islamic websites, portals or blogs (Publishers) one by one. You didn't always get a reply.

Besides you got high rates and you had to pay for the whole month in advance. Moreover, it may take weeks and months to launch your ads. Not any more.

Talk to us to see how to launch your ads faster and cheaper.


Have a peek at what is waiting for you inside

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Our Team

Jamoliddin Daliev

Jamoliddin Daliev
Senior Developer

Maruf Yusupov

Maruf Yusupov
UX / Strategy / Marketing

Mehmudjan Memethaji

Mehmudjan Memethaji
Software Architect

Zahra Hassan

Zahra Hassan
Customer Care

Renaldo Edmondson

Renaldo Edmondson
Facebook Ads / Advertising

Shakhboz Sidikov

Shakhboz Sidikov
Google Adwords / Display Ads

Mehedi Islam

Mehedi Islam
Design / Branding / Animation

Syed Irfan Ajmal

Akrom Isaev
Head of Marketing

Kemal Pajevic

Kemal Pajevic
iOS Developer

Abdullah Gheith

Abdullah Gheith
Android Developer

Azzam Sheikh

Azzam Sheikh
SEO / Search Engine Optimization

Erni Zawawi

Erni Zawawi
Public Relations / PR

Our Advisors

Shahed Amanullah

Shahed Amanullah
CEO of Zabihah

Rafiuddin Shikoh

Rafiuddin Shikoh
CEO of Dinar Standard

Reem Elshafaki

Reem Elshafaki
Senior Associate at Dinar Standard

Bilal Memon

Prof. Dr. Jonathan A.J. Wilson
Islamic / Halal Branding

Our Story

Salam and welcome to Halal.Ad!

Halal Market Size by Thomson Reuters and Dinar Standard

As you can see Halal Economy is growing year after year. It is solely driven only on ethical choices by consumers.

However, when it comes to advertising, we don't have ethical ad network for this growing halal market. This is what Halal.Ad is all about.

On one hand, majority of Muslim Publishers were (are) using Google AdSense since there was no alternative. Occasionally, their Muslim audience were exposed to some ads that are not halal.

On the other hand, Muslims Advertisers didn’t have a single platform where they can create an ad and distribute on all small to large Muslim websites, portals, forums and blogs with a single click. Until Now.

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You are welcome to visit us when you are in Aarhus next time. You can find our address on the right. You are also welcome to give a call or send email.


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