Frequently Asked Questions

by Advertisers

What is Halal.Ad?

Halal.Ad is an ad platform for Muslims by Muslims.

Why shall I sign up for Halal.Ad?

If you have a product or service targeted for Muslims, then Halal.Ad has a perfect solution for you.

Halal.Ad has a partnership to place and promote your ad with small to large Muslim portals, websites, blogs and forums whose main readers are Muslims.

You create your ads at Halal.Ad then we will take care of the rest. We will place them on relevant Muslim sites in a matter of minutes.

You can see and manage your ads from a single dashboard. You can see all views, clicks and much more about your ads.

With Halal.Ad, you will save time and money as well, inshaAllah.

How does Halal.Ad work?

Here is how it works:

  1. You Sign Up as Advertiser
  2. You Create Your Ad: upload your ad photo, target countries, define your ad budget and dates.
  3. Halal.Ad team activates your ad after checking your ad to make sure it is halal and it meets all our requirements.
  4. Your Ad starts showing up on small to large Muslim websites all around the globe.
  5. You can see how your ads are performing. You can also pause the ones not performing well and create new ones as well.
  6. If any questions, you can always reach us at

Is it free to sign up? Any hidden fees or cost? Any contract?

It is free to sign up. There are no hidden costs. No contracts. You only pay for ad clicks or views you ordered.

How do I sign up?

You can signup as Advertiser by following this link:

How do I create an ad?

You can create your ad by clicking on “Create Ad” button under “Ads” page on your Dashboard. You can also simply follow this link here:

What ad formats can I create?

Currently we support these two ad formats:

  • 728px by 90px
  • 300px by 250px

How much do I pay for my ads? What are the rates?

It depends on how many people you want to click on your ads. Below you will see our base rates:

  • $@clickPriceDisplay per click

How do I pay for my ads?

You can pay for your ads via payment cards like: Visa, Mastercard and other major payment cards. You will be asked to pay for your ad after you upload your ad copy, photo and define your budget.

Where will my ads be shown?

Your ads will be shown on our partner websites all across the globe. These websites are created mainly for Muslim audience. It could be personal Muslim blogs, Muslim forums, Muslim News Portals and Muslim Service Portals.

Can I pay per click?

Sure. You can pay per click and the minimum payment is $1

Can I target countries?

With Halal.Ad, you can target countries to display your ads.

Can I create and pay for ads with daily budget?

Yes, you can create pay for ads with daily budget as well. Or you can also choose to pay once with a lifetime budget.

Can I start and end my ad campaigns any date I want?

Yes, of course. You can choose start and end dates for your ads and we will serve your ads in that time period.

Can I stop my ads any time I want?

You can stop any of your ads any time with a single click on your dashboard or under Ads page.

Am I tied to monthly ad budget or monthly contract? Any hidden fees?

No, you are not tied to any monthly ad budget or monthly contract. There are no hidden fees. It is pay as go you. You pay per click or per 1000 views. You decide your ad budget.

Is paying on Halal.Ad secure?

Halal.Ad is secured by 256 bit SSL certificate. We also use Stripe as our payment solution provider.

Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor, and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available.

Stripe also forces HTTPS for all services, including our public website. We regularly audit the details of our implementation: the certificates we serve, the certificate authorities we use, and the ciphers we support. We use HSTS to ensure browsers interact with Stripe only over HTTPS. Stripe is also on the HSTS preloaded lists for both Chrome and Firefox.

All card numbers are encrypted on disk with AES-256. Decryption keys are stored on separate machines. None of Stripe's internal servers and daemons are able to obtain plaintext card numbers; instead, they can just request that cards be sent to a service provider on a static whitelist. Stripe's infrastructure for storing, decrypting, and transmitting card numbers runs in separate hosting infrastructure, and doesn't share any credentials with Stripe's primary services (API, website, etc.).

How long does it take to see my ads live on other publishers sites?

We promise to take your ads live in 24 hours in business days. Usually, it is even faster.

How many Muslims can you reach via Halal.Ad?

Our current reach out is around 1.000.000 Muslims daily. This number grows as the number of our publishers grow, inshaAllah.

Can I preview the ads before launch?

Absolutely. We will allow you to preview your ad after you upload your photo. You can upload another photo or even crop the existing photo to adjust.

by Publishers

What is Halal.Ad?

Halal.Ad is an ad platform for Muslims by Muslims.

Why shall I sign up for Halal.Ad?

If you have a website, blog or portal whose audience are mainly Muslims, we help you monetize your traffic and earn money by placing halal ads from Muslim Advertisers.

You focus on what you do best by creating more awesome content for your readers, we make sure to serve ethical and relevant ads to your Muslim audience, inshaAllah.

How does Halal.Ad work?

Here is how it works:

  1. You Sign Up as Publisher
  2. You Create Your Widget
  3. Halal.Ad team activates your widget after checking your website to make sure your website is a good fit for our Muslim Advertisers.
  4. Halal.Ad starts displaying ads from Muslim Advertisers.
  5. You can see how your site is performing on your Dashboard. Please, note we show only Sold Views and Sold Clicks not all your traffic.
  6. On the first week of the following month, you will receive your payment via Paypal.
  7. If any questions, you can always reach us at

How do you make sure ads are halal?

We will check each ad manually and make sure it is not only halal, but attractive and related to your audience as well.

Can I place more than one ad spot (widget) on my site?

Yes. However, we allow only 3 Ad Spots (widgets) on each page.

Where do I place ad widgets on my site?

We encourage to place them above the fold and upper positions.

What are Halal.Ad rates for Publishers?

We pay 70% of ad spending to our publishers.

You get +$@clickPriceDisplay x 70% for each click.

How do you calculate clicks?

Each click sends information to Halal.Ad first before and after displaying each ad and registering the click. Our accuracy is above 99%.

What are Paid Clicks?

Imagine an advertiser creates an ad and chooses to pay per click. You get paid +$@clickPriceDisplay x 70% for each click.

A visitor on your site clicks on this ad. Then your Paid Click will be 1.

In a nutshell, Halal.Ad reports only your paid traffic whether it is views or clicks.

Why my traffic reported by Halal.Ad is different from Google Analytics reports?

Because Halal.Ad reports only Paid Clicks and Views on your dashboard. Your overall traffic may be more if we can’t find suitable ads for your website.

What are the payment methods?

We currently support only Paypal. It saves time and money for you and us.

How do I get paid?

At the end of each month, we will generate a final payout report and pay you this amount via Paypal.

When do I get paid?

In the first week of the following month.

What is the minimum payout?

Minimum payout is $10. If you make less than $10 a month, you will get paid in the following month once the sum of your payout reaches this amount.

Still have questions? Send them to or chat with us.